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State of the development of the pipe plastics industry is very seriously

Release time: 2015-09-23 09:12:17
Our country plastic pipe annual processing capacity has already exceeded 4000000 tons, the industry development has entered the important period from the big change, strengthen brand construction, ensure the coordinated development of the upstream and downstream, become the key to realize the plastic pipe industry by the big change.
State of the development of plastic pipe industry is attached great importance to the development of the process of urbanization, new rural construction and the promotion of urban pipe network, plastic pipe demand is growing, and its development prospects. Plastic pipe as a building material, one is a few years, to ensure the quality is the primary task. And establish brand awareness, foster large and medium-sized backbone enterprises, is the basis for the protection of product quality. Production enterprises must be quality products for survival, development, to carry out healthy competition, to maintain the healthy and orderly market order. Last year, there are 12 plastic pipe production enterprises of the product was named China famous brand, in the future should have more enterprises to enter the ranks of China's famous brands, for plastic pipe to establish a good social reputation.
The healthy development of the plastic pipe industry, can not be separated from the upstream and downstream industry coordinated operation. In recent years, the price of plastic raw materials to the development of plastic pipe industry has brought a tremendous impact, individual enterprises to keep the market share, ignoring the national standards, free to add quality raw materials to reduce costs, resulting in a decline in product quality, resulting in a very bad social impact. To curb the bad behavior, plastic pipe of the special committee for several consecutive years released the plastic pipe industry guidance prices and downstream users purchase products to provide reference and guidance, and promote the healthy development of the whole industry. Meanwhile, plastic tube committee also actively coordination and communication with the upper reaches of the enterprise to raw material suppliers further strengthen development of special material, improve the stability of product quality, improve service levels, in order to achieve harmony and win-win between upstream and downstream.
It is understood that China has become a big country of plastic pipe production and application, in 2006 the national plastic pipe industry to maintain rapid development, capacity, production, application and other economic and technical indicators reached the highest level in history, production of about 2880000 tons, an increase of 20% over the previous year. Expected in the future of China's construction, municipal engineering, agriculture, industry and other areas of demand, will further stimulate the growth of plastic pipe industry, and the improvement of large-scale enterprise product quality and technology progress of the whole industry will further broaden its application areas.
State of the development of the pipe plastics industry is very seriously
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